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10 Ways You Aren't Maximizing Your Practice Management System

Are you getting the most from your practice management system or are you wasting opportunities to be more efficient in utilizing your capital investment?

Here are 10 ways you might be underutilizing your system:

  1. Not electronically posting Remittance Advices. We all are sending claims electronically, but did you realize how much time can be saved by electronically posting your insurance payments? In addition, electronically posting leaves less room for posting errors AND it provides much more information regarding the claim on the patient’s ledger. With just a few keystrokes, Medisoft’s Revenue Management can automatically update in a matter of minutes. Freeing up time will allow you to spend more time on claims that aren’t paying!

  2. Not using Gateway EDI/Trizetto to send commercial electronic claims. Trizetto claims management solutions make commercial revenue management easier. From smooth integration with your current workflow to direct connections with thousands of payers, claims submission and the remittance process is simplified with a better claim inquiry and reporting process.

  3. Not using the Search Function in Office Hours to find an open time. Medisoft’s Office Hours makes quick work of maximizing your patient schedule. To find an appointment slot that fits the time and length desired, go to the Edit menu and select Find Open Time or click Search for Open Time Slot speed button. In the Find Open Time window, first enter the length of time for which you want to search. If you have a certain time frame in which you want to find an open appointment, enter the Start Time and End Time. Check boxes let you indicate the day(s) of the week on which you want to find an appointment time. Then click Search. If the time slot turned up is not sufficient or does not meet the patient’s needs, select Find Next Open Time or click the Search Again speed button.

  4. Not closing cases that have a zero balance by using Plus Pack Zero Balance Open Cases Report. Medisoft’s Zero Balance Open Cases Report found in Plus Pack Reports lists all open cases where all charges have been paid or adjusted. This is a helpful tool in catching cases that have not been marked complete. Closing cases is extremely important to keep your data base clean. For example, as your database grows your response time may start to drag requiring a purge of old data. Cases that have not been closed will not purge.

  5. Not billing Secondary and Tertiary Claims using Plus Pack Unbilled Reports. Collecting from all insurance sources is a vital part of medical billing. The Unbilled Reports found in Medisoft’s Plus Pack Reports set is a useful reminder of secondary and tertiary claims that should be filed. This report should be run after posting remittance advices so as to help quickly receive all reimbursement possible on a charge.

  6. Not utilizing the Medisoft Aging Reports to follow up on outstanding claims. The longer a claim has been outstanding, the less likely it is to be paid. The Medisoft Aging Reports (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary) are a basic tool in medical billing. These reports age as of the date of billing/rebilling and not from the date of service. The reports should be run at each end-of-month closing. As a general rule, any insurance claim outstanding for more than 60 days should be researched to avoid any brief timely filing deadlines, such as with some commercial carriers.

  7. Not collecting from patients using BillFlash Statements and Payment Systems. With increasingly reduced insurance reimbursements, collecting what is due from the patient has never been more important. BillFlash Payment Systems enhance your Medisoft to give you all the features of a high-dollar practice management system all while remaining affordable. BillFlash provides paper and ebill statements, online ePay for patients to pay you 24/7 and an OfficePay solution that integrates with Medisoft. Plus-- you can try it FREE for 60 days! (That’s FREE statements AND FREE credit card processing for 60 days!) How can you lose?

  8. Not using Enveloc to create an online HIPAA compliant backup. All HIPAA-covered entities are required to provide security and privacy for patient information. Providing encrypted backups of your practice management system is a primary requirement of safeguarding patient information. Are you weary of remembering to backup on tapes and safely store them? Are you even encrypting the backup tapes? Enveloc data backups are automatically created daily to your specifications are encrypted and stored on a local external drive and transmitted to a secure datacenter with unlimited onsite archiving. This option is perfect for small providers looking for inexpensive hybrid storage solutions (on and offsite) with nearly instantaneous restore process.

  9. Not using Tavoca to reduce missed appointments by sending automated reminders. Are you having missed revenue opportunities because patients miss scheduled appointments? Are you spending valuable time manually calling patients to remind them of appointments? Tavoca’s AppointmentCall is an automated telephone reminder and messaging services that is powerful, flexible, but yet easy-to-use. It delivers your messages via telephone, email and text. Time saved can be then better used following up on unpaid insurance claims.

  10. Not using v20’s Medisoft Mobile features to capture charges, diagnoses and patient demographics plus view your schedule from a hand-held device. Hand-held devices such as tablets are all the rage and can increase the efficiency of your front office and exam room processing for gathering data. Medisoft’s v20 is not only ICD-10 ready; it has a mobile license that allows you to utilize Medisoft Mobile. This mobile application allows the front office to more efficiently capture patient demographics eliminating data rekeying. In addition, the provider can view his or her schedule from a hand-held device, plus capture charges and diagnoses in the exam room. Claims can be forwarded to the biller for further processing. Medisoft Mobile is available on iPad® and Android™ devices.

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