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Encrypted HIPAA Backup

All HIPAA-covered entities are required to provide security and privacy for patient information.  Security and privacy includes guarding against reasonably anticipated threats or hazards in transit and storage. Physician safequards must also be in place.


What is Encryption?

Data Encryption is a technology that converts reliable data into gibberish that must be decoded to become readable again.  Using technical tools that can encrypt a file, a folder, or an entire drive, encrypted data is much better protected than if it is left in a readable format, even if protected by a password.  Encryption is not specifically required by HIPAA but the HITECH Act made encryption a "get-out-of-jail-free-card".  If you use encryption then lost data is not reportable.

Info Services has two options for encrypted HIPAA Backups:  one for local portable device backups and an online cloud-based backup.


EaseUS Todo Backup for Servers is a powerful encrypted storage device backup software for a Windows Server. Priced at only $199* this product costs half of what competitors offer without sacrificing features or performance.  It includes a 256-AES standard industry encryption algorithm to avoid unauthorized access to backup devices that are then stored off-site.  Backups can be scheduled. Download EaseUS information Here.  Purchase EaseUS Todo Backup for Servers HERE.


Enveloc Cloud-Based Encrypted Backup

Did you know that there have been NO significant HIPAA breaches using cloud-based data storage?  There is no reason to spend large sums of money or spend a great deal of time to comply with these requirements. Let Enveloc do all the work for you!  Patient data is secured using 256-bit encryption before it is transmitted to servers at a secure class A Network Operation Center. Daily, automated backups can be scheduled by the user and backups restored to any location.  Download Enveloc information Here



Contact us today to see how simple HIPAA backups can be!


*Subject to monthly support fee.

MediSoft HIPAA Backup

Use BOTH EaseUS and Enveloc as part of your comprehensive HIPAA Security Disaster Recovery Plan!

Every time there is a HIPAA data breach penalty for a lost laptop or hard drive, the penalty would have been avoided if the data was encrypted.

     -- Leon Rodriguez, Director, Office for Civil Rights

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