Appointment Reminders

AppointmentCall is an automated telephone reminder and messaging service that is powerful, flexible, but yet easy-to-use.  It is the product to choose for delivering dynamic content to specific individuals. AppointmentCall delivers your messages via telephone, email and text messaging, such as:


  • Appointment  Reminders with confirmation

  • Recall and Health Maintenance Notices

  • No-show/Missed Appointment Follow-up

  • Waiting List Re-scheduling

  • Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions

  • Office closings/ Provider Absences


How Does It Work?

AppointmentCall is easy to use.  It takes 1 or 2 minutes a day to export your appointment dta from your scheduler and upload it to Tavoca, then Tavoca does the rest.  Call results are always available online.  AppointmentCall work with the MediSoft scheduler or any scheduler.  There is no hardware or software to buy and no contract required.


AppointmentCall Pays For Itself!

Appointmentcall pays for itself every two or three days:

  • Reduced no-shows mean more immediate revenue

  • It takes just one or two minutes a day to use

  • AppointmentCall eliminates hours of staff time making calls

  • AppointmentCall replaces expensive mailed reminders

  • Most clinics pay 10 to 14 cents per patient



AppointmentCall is flat-rate, per appointment.  There is no charge for multiple call attempts or by the minute.  Telephone reminder rates are volume discounted from 6.9 to 16.9 cents per appointment.  Set up is FREE.  The first 60 days of service is FREE.  Technical support and all account updates and changes are FREE.


Standard Features:

  • Feedback Menu

  • Caller ID

  • Call Acceptance

  • Ten Call Attempts

  • Answering Machine/Voice Mail Delivery 

  • Complete Message Details

  • Online Reporting

  • No-Show Follow Up Calls

  • Optional Text and Email Delivery



Explore the Demos

Dial 1.800.547.6163

          to experience AppointmentCall


Text DEMO to 972.992.7295

          to experience the texting feature

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