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Patient Collection Made Easy

With increasingly reduced insurance reimbursements, collecting what is due from the patient has never been more important.  Having a Payment System that fully integrates with MediSoft makes collecting from the patient so much more efficient not only for your staff, but also the patient!


  • BillFlash provides professional statements to effectively collect patient payments.  You simply upload and approve.  Then BillFlash will print and mail, allowing you to eliminate printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, metering and troubleshooting.

  • BillFlash provides eBill notifications to patients allowing for immediate online payment 24x7!  The payments can then be imported into MediSoft with no manual entry.

  • Patients have access to current and past bills online reducing requests for a lost bill and questions.

  • AND NEW FEATURES:  BillFlash provides the ability to securely house Credit Card on File!  Payment plans for large balances can be set up to automatically bill the patient's credit card eliminating staff interaction!


Getting started is simple.  Online enrollment takes just 15 minutes, and there are no long term contracts.  Time is money.  Contact us today to learn how the BillFlash service makes patient statements easy.

Info Services Inc. BillFlash

Time is Money

Bill Flash Info Services Inc.
BillFlash Info Services Inc.
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