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Electronic Claim System

The Electronic Claim System is the flagship product on which Info Services, Inc. was built in 1989.  Although, for the most part, paper insurance claims are a thing of the past and all medical billing software has an electronic claims feature, clients continue to use ECS because it's inexpensive, easy to use and it just works!


Today, the Electronic Claims System is the premier communications tool for MediSoft's Revenue Management. Revenue Management is a software tool that expands the electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities of the MediSoft practice management system to help providers get paid faster and more accurately.


Key Features:


  • Creates claims to payors accepting HIPAA-compliant ANSI 837 formats

  • Sends claims direct to select carriers and via commerical clearinghouses- Trizetto

  • Full integration with MediSoft (or other software)

  • No per transaction direct claim submission fees

  • Links to commercial clearinghouse of choice

  • Includes 835 ERA remittance auto-posting

  • Includes automatic secondary claim creation for either ERA-posted or hand-keyed primary insurance posting

  • Includes claim scrubbing for CCI edits

  • Easy to use screens with automated features

  • Efficient automatic acknowledgement report retrieval and reformatting for the 999 and 277 Error Reports

Looking Back-

1990's ECS Brochure

Info Services Inc. Electronic Claims
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