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10 Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Be Using Online Remote Backup Services

HIPAA Backup

Any healthcare provider who survived a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina can testify to the necessity of a good data backup plan. In addition, healthcare providers are required by HIPAA to provide reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of patient information. A backup of your patient accounting and EHR software is deemed to be basic compliance with this requirement.

A backup is basically a saved copy of your primary data and should be physically retained at a site away from your primary clinic. This can be accomplished by using external storage devices such as a hard drive, CD, tape or flash drive or online via “cloud” storage. The following are reasons you should be using online remote backup services instead of external devices. Of course, every online service is not created equal so do your research.

  1. COMPLIANT: Technically, encryption is not mandatory under HIPAA; however, encryption has been interpreted to equate as a reasonable and appropriate safeguard to protect health information. If encryption is not used, healthcare providers are required to implement a suitable alternative to encryption and document why that alternative was chosen. So the bottom line is that encryption is practically required today because it is reasonable, appropriate and cost effective to implement. Encryption converts your data into encoded text by means of an algorithm. An encryption key is required to decrypt the data back to its original format. Enveloc, Inc. is a full service offsite data backup and storage provider and uses the strongest industry-leading standard of AES 256-bit encryption [Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key length].

  2. SECURITY: Don’t confuse “cloud storage” with the idea that data is just floating around in the sky with zero protection. Enveloc securely transmits data to two geographically-diverse Class A Network Operation Centers located 2000 miles apart, providing safe, complete and redundant copies of your data. Physical access is strictly controlled through administrative procedures, physical safeguards, and technical security measures to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of customer data. Access to data requires that designated personnel provide an authorized encryption passphrase (not even Enveloc has a copy), making unauthorized access virtually impossible. Two redundant backups mean that your computer and both operation centers would have to crash at the same time to lose your data. That is virtually impossible and to date has never happened. In addition, no significant data breach has occurred with online backups.

  3. CONVENIENCE: External storage devices must be prepared with encrypted backup software to meet the encryption requirement. (If you are not encrypting external devices you are being negligent.) While an automatic schedule can be set up to save data each night you have to remember to change the devices and keep multiple days of backups off site. External storage devices are easily forgotten, lost, stolen or corrupted. Data (even encrypted data) riding around with you in your car is just not that secure! Enveloc is automatic! You never have to rely on staff to change the device or drive around with PHI in their car! Providers can back up vital files and applications without interrupting the daily work functions. Enveloc even sends an email giving the status of your backup so that you know it is working!

  4. CUSTOMIZATION: With Enveloc, the initial setup is extremely flexible and easy to ensure the files you want to be backed up are included.

  5. CAPACITY: With external devices the user is limited to the storage capacity of the device while online storage is virtually unlimited in size. Up to 125 versions of any file is available with Enveloc.

  6. RECOVERY: To be effective, a backup must be able to be restored. Enveloc’s technical support ensures speed and reliability for complete and total restoration to any location within minutes of discovery of any data loss or failure. Clients are given the option to receive their restored data by overnight media at no charge.

  7. SUPPORT: Enveloc provides live, US-based, trained technical support 24/7 at no charge during business hours for installation and backup assistance as well as after-hours restoration assistance. For clients lacking IT staff, remote assistance via our software or website is also available.

  8. COMPETENT: Any service provider needs to be reliable. Founded in 1995, Enveloc, Inc. is a privately held, full service offsite data backup and storage provider in Mobile, Alabama. The company owns server clusters located in Class A Network Operations Centers in Mobile and Los Angeles. Enveloc is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

  9. AFFORDABLE: Enveloc Pro is reasonably priced at $8.00 per month (+$.70 per GB) for a workstation and $20.00 per month (+$.70 per GB) for your server.

  10. NO- RISK TRIAL: Enveloc provides a 30-Day NO-RISK TRIAL period. Just install the software and if for any reason you are not satisfied, there will be no charge.

There you have it- 10 reasons you should be using online backups with Enveloc. What are you waiting for? Email or Call Info Services, Inc. (601) 898-7858 extension 20 right now to get started!

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