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Medical Billing Consulting

Are you working harder and harder but your accounts receivable still seems to be in a big mess?  Do you know your net collection percentage? Your average days to collection?  Is your cash flow what it should be?  Are you concerned with control over your accounts receivable?  Let Info Services help you get a grip on your Accounts Receivable!  Using analytics we can calculate important key indicators which diagnose areas which may weaken your reimbursement potential.
It is not news that credentialing can cause a major cash crunch for a clinic.  Over the years, Info Services, Inc. has experienced many credentialing roadblocks in our Professional Billing Services.  More importantly, we've broken through those roadblocks. Let us help you do the same!​  We know what applications to complete and what questions to ask!
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Medical Billing Consulting Info Services Inc.
medical credentialing
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