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MediSoft Medical Billing Software

MediSoft  powered by eMDs is the medical billing / practice management solution known and used by providers because of its combination of affordability, stability, and ease of use.  The reason they like MediSoft is simple- it improves their productivity and reduces their Accounts Receivable.  Add the responsive service of Info Services, Inc. and you've got a practice management solution that can't be beat.

  • ​​MediSoft v25 is here!  Order today!

  • New Medicare Beneficiary Identifier compatible

  • ICD-10 Compliance and ICD-9/ICD-10 mapping utilities

  • Updated CMS-1500 for ICD-10

  • Advantage Database Server

  • Medisoft Mobile

  • ICD-10 Search Utility

  • Pending Patients Tool

  • HIPAA Security Log In

  • Write-off tool for outstanding balances

  • AutoRemind for appointment reminders

  • New patient online appointment scheduling tool

  • Accounts Receivable Tracker (awesome new tool!)

  • CPT Search Utility (requires separate AMA CPT subscription)

  • Insurance Card Scanning to policy and multimedia tabs

  • Auto-assign statement notes based on remittance code

  • Advanced duplicate patient record matching

  • Color Coding functionality for easy identification

  • Timely filing calculator

  • Secondary claim status in Revenue Manager

  • Three separate transaction note fields (internal, statement and other)

  • Reporting best practices documentation


Medisoft powered by eMDs is a proven, trusted and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added.  Contact us today to schedule your purchase or upgrade. 
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