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Professional Medical Billing Services

Flexible Contract

You hire experts in taxes, insurance,

legal matters and investments.


Doesn't your billing deserve the same level of expertise?

Compliance Program

Does your clinic generate a greater than 90% net collection percentage? Do you have access to key collection indicators and which insurance balances are over 90 days and why?


Info Services, Inc. offers Professional Medical Billing Services to manage the healthcare provider's accounts receivable while allowing up-to-date patient information onsite.  We bill in excess of $8 million annually​ for providers of varying specialties averaging greater than 90% net collection including patient balances.  With three Certified Coding Specialists and a Certified Public Accountant on staff, we can provide the professional experience needed to effectively maximize collections.  Info Services' staff has over 160 years of combined billing experience.


Most providers believe that medical billing is one of the most complex and crucial components of their business.   After all, you hire experts in taxes, insurance, legal matters and investments.  Doesn't your billing deserve the same level of expertise?  Remember, your billing function is the cash generator that provides the funds to make all other activities possible.  Our service includes the following features:


Compliance Program.

It is our mission to provide accurate, timely and profitable billing services to our provider-clients while adhering to all applicable federal and state laws and  regulations.  We have established a compliance program within the scope of OIG guidelines.


Flexible Contract.

After an introductory contract period, we offer a flexible contract termination with a 30-day notice.  We receive a monthly percentage fee that is contingent upon what we collect for you.  Our goal is to provide accurate and timely professional billing services to maximize your potential collections.


Remote Patient Information and Printers.

Through your office PC, access to data is available as though the billing had been done on-site.  Data is available via a secure internet server connection.  Checking patient account balances, insurance information, phone numbers, etc. is simply a matter of calling up the patient’s account on screen.  Remote access to patient data also allows the generation of super bills, detailed patient ledgers and reports on site.


Data Delivery.

The client delivers data to Info Services via a high-speed internet  connection using our Virtual Private Network. Batches of charges and copies of  receipts are delivered. No currency or  actual checks are accepted.


Data Preparation.

Info Services prepares charges for entry into the system by translating diagnosis descriptions to ICD-9CM codes, cross-referencing procedure and diagnosis codes, verifying and updating insurance company numbers and addresses, and insuring that all information needed to enter the charges is present on the charge ticket.


Demographics / Charge and Receipt Entry.

Info Services keys into the database the patient name, address, insurance information, and other essential demographic data gathered by your office staff.  Charges, receipts and required adjustments are all entered by Info  Services.  As an outside service, we partner with the front office clerk to insure that all pertinent information and patient payments are collected at the time of service.  While we perform the back-office function, we rely heavily on the client to obtain copies of insurance cards and other information to reduce collection time.



A batch cover sheet is utilized to insure that Info Services enters all data received by the client.  We also have balancing procedures in place to insure that all charges entered are actually billed to the appropriate carrier.  These   procedures help to assure that all data has been appropriately and accurately processed.


Accounts Receivable Analysis.

A monthly analysis program has been implemented that includes the review of 30, 60, 90 days and over aged patient accounts.  Pertinent accounts receivable ratios are calculated and analyzed on a quarterly basis to help diagnose any problems within the account.  Reports outlining these reviews are provided to the client.


Why Should I Outsource My Medical Billing?








Remote Patient Information and Printers
Data Delivery
Data Preparation
Accounts Receivable Analysis
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