With LabResults, you:

  • Record personal test results messages, or

  • Select pre-recorded messages for routine results

  • Allow patients to access their results 24 hours a day

  • Purchase no hardware, software, or phone lines

  • Free your staff for other patient care activities

  • Use optional immediate outbound notification


LabResults Is Easy to Setup:

  1. Sign up online

  2. Tavoca assigns your exclusive toll free number

  3. Tavoca orders your instruction cards

  4. Tavoca trains your staff

  5. You can begin using LabResults immediately


Pre-Recorded messages save you lots of time because they allow you to create test result messages that can be used forever. LabResults allows unlimited pre-recorded messages which can be added or edited at any time.


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LabResults is completely HIPAA Compliant.  No test result messages are ever delivered until proper credentials have been entered by the end-user.

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